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The Thrill of Flying the World’s Smallest Jet

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Last summer while I watched Justin Lewis perform at an airshow in his polished silver BD-5J, that old feeling came back. I longed to strap into a BD-5 jet again. I wanted to dive it along the show line, pull up vertical, gyrate through a Wild Turkey, drift backward into a tail slide, bop the gear up and down, then zoom past the airshow crowd the way we used to in 1975, when I was the third pilot of the BD-5 Jet Team. Sleek as a bullet, efficient as a sailplane, sexy as a little Reno racer, the… ( עוד...

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Jimmy Robinson 1
I used to watch the Coors "Silver Bullet" at airshows and the BD-5 was an exciting aircraft to watch. Small, sleek, and fast for its size, I always enjoyed watching it and seeing it perform nimble maneuvers. It's a real shame it didn't make it and the company went bankrupt.
Rob Kemperman 1
I cant say that I like this info without a video demo... its like talking in the air...
jbqwik 1
I was fortunate to catch a thrilling solo performance by the author, sometime in the '80's I believe. That little jet wowed and inspired the crowd, and me too. When not flying, the plane was on display. Those were the days, my friends...
Esteban Marin 1
What a great article! I really enjoyed it
Laura Lynch 0
My son is learning. his air frame & power plant
he is doing. both he will be jet typed soon.
I am proud of him.
he might make to Prat & Whitney
and do his internship,for Gram Webb
after all God Willing
Hurray go fly Airmen Anthony
Good Luck

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