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US to propose ban on in-flight cell phone calls

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The Department of Transportation is drafting a proposal that could prevent airlines from allowing passengers to make in-flight cell phone calls, The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. ( עוד...

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Sean Holland 7
Jeffrey Babey 2
Jim Anderson 0
Alvin Werneke 5
I myself do not want to sit in a plane listening to 100+ phone conversations. However, I would like to be able to text if I needed to get hold of somebody or vice versa. I think texting should be allowed.
bbabis 2
I can only imagine the phone calls that go in and out of Air Force One and other 89th Airlift Wing aircraft that have nothing to do with national security, but then again, they're special.
BC Hadley 0
I cringe as much as the next guy when thinking about being stuck on a plane anywhere near some loud, clueless cell phone user. However, I don't agree that another law, likely to be poorly written and narrowly construed, is the answer.
preacher1 3
Agreed on the poorly written law, BUT, based on initial reaction, I don't think the airlines wanted it either. This will give them all something to fall back on if it's enacted.
samsterflight 1
The proposal is not for a law, but a regulation under existing law.

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