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US teen finishes flight around the world

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Matt Guthmiller, 19, completed the more than 29,000-mile (46,670-kilometer) journey in a leased single-engine airplane late Monday night when he touched down at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, California. ( עוד...

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Allison Hunter 4
I respect this accomplishment much more than the similar event recently touted by Amelia Rose Earhart. She was in an expensive turbo-prop with a safety pilot... this young fellow did it in an unsophisticated trainer, solo all the way.

Hats off to Matt!
ric lang 1
A Beech A36 is an "unsophisticated trainer?????
ric lang 1
A Beech A36 is an "unsophisticated trainer???
LittleT 2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

19-Year-Old MIT student about to finish solo around the world flight.

Matt Guthmiller is a native of Aberdeen, South Dakota and he is on the final leg of his solo around-the-world journey, that would make him the youngest person in history to complete the trip.
Larry Stuart 1
Great job Matt. What's left for you to do? Betcha you find something. Congratulations.
Gary Weeks 1
Congratulations and well done to Matt.

For anyone to not appreciate or recognise this achievment probably means they themselves have never flown outside the local area.
Eric Auxier 1
Congratulations, Matt--'twas fun tracking ya!
ric lang -2
OK OK......I gotta say this! In spite this kid's ability to use an autopilot & fly the best single engine airplane (less turbo prop) in the world, it took me 30 years to wear 4 stripe epaulets. This is uncomfortably like Travolta wearing a Quantas captain's uniform. Sorry.
Rob Kemperman -9
What’s so unique? Much younger children sail around the world. I expect them to do similar with a plain in a fraction of that time. Concerning that uniform.. Flying single and dressed like that is a little childish and not sportive. He looks like a driver giving his automatic pilot a uniform to, but then the co-pilot type :) …. 
you're right, he should've done it in a plain, it would've been more challenging.
Dustin Schultz 5
I assume that you are not a must have been doing amazing things when you were 19 for you to not consider this event "unique"
209flyboy 2
Hey Rob? What have you done lately that should be recognized? I'll bet nothing! But, you need to learn how to spell plane not plain.

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