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On Air Force One, No Lightening Up on Burgers and Cake

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WASHINGTON — A blue-cheese burger with lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli, accompanied by Parmesan-sprinkled fries. Chocolate fudge cake. Pasta shells stuffed with four cheeses, topped with meat sauce and shredded mozzarella, and served with a garlic breadstick. Cake infused with limoncello. Buffalo wings with celery, carrots and homemade ranch dip. Such was the fare served to passengers aboard Air Force One during a particularly grueling three-state day on the campaign trail just before the 2012… ( עוד...

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ToddBaldwin3 6
I'm reading this just before lunch, as i trudge down the hill to the post DFAC, wondering what kind of institutional swill they'll be serving today,
Tasteless meatloaf...
ToddBaldwin3 4
Well, the loaf part is right. Not too sure about the meat part.
john cook 2
s. j. drake 6
I don't care for his politics but his choice of food is outstanding!
Kurt Anderson 2
Well while I sit here making my PB&J sandwich for lunch.
John Delphia 3
Hope they weren't kissing any babies on the campaign trail, they'd make them cry or pass-out. Just sayin.
LT Flaten 1
Thank you Roger, a glimpse of reality can do a person good. Happy Independence Day!
James Carlson 1
I was with it and enjoying the menu up until "ranch dip." With wings? That's just so wrong.
Robert Benjamin 0
Yet mrs president wants our school children to eat cardboard for lunch and if the schools don't serve this crap they are out federal funds. What a bunch of Hypocrites.
HowSwedeitis 2
Ummm, no... Cardboard? That's a bit of an exaggeration, wouldn't you say? The stance isn't never-ever, it's about right balance. By the way, too many schools are serving "crap" right now. A healthier option for American school children is a good policy.
David Medders 0
Typical Obama, "My subjects shall eat according to Michelle's amateur nutritionist prescription, while I will each cheeseburgers and chocolate."
HowSwedeitis 2
No. The policy is to educate Americans (particularly school children) about healthier OPTIONS. Not once has President Obama or First Lady Obama said "NO ONE shall EVER eat cheeseburgers & chocolate." The first lady's initiative is simply to urge people to make OVERALL healthier food options.

Debriefer 0
I logged in JUST to see what the Professional-Obama-Hate-Team would say in reaction to this story.

no big surprise here, including evil remarks like wishing the President might choke.

Hmmm...wonder what the reaction might have been had the current user of Air Force One NOT been a Black Man?
Nicholas Camera -3
Has nothing to do with his color but all to do with his socialist policies (and failed policies) regarding security, the economy, the IRS, Benghazi, VA hospitals, Iraq, among others.
HowSwedeitis 3
Socialist policies? No.
Security: Who was President when Bin Laden was killed? Who was President when 9/11 occurred? Who was President when Iraq was invaded & managed horribly?
Economy: Have you seen the latest jobs numbers? The Dow JUST broke its record...
The IRS: Right, because Obama personally intervened in that. You do know that anti-war and liberal groups were scrutinized too, don't you?
Benghazi: I'll get enraged over that just as soon as the GOP formally apologizes for forcing the state department to cut their security funding prior to the attack and when every member of the 2003 White House staff apologizes for the illegal invasion of Iraq which cost how many American lives again? Also, one of the perpetrators of the Benghazi attack has been taken into custody, so...
VA: President Harry Truman had issues with the VA. This is nothing new... GOP members have had countless opportunities to vote yes on bills aimed at fixing the VA but have chickened out thanks to the tea-bagger party.
Iraq: Like Gerald Ford during the fall of Saigon, Obama is completely out of options, save for another invasion which is a terrible idea. (It was then and is now.)
Debriefer 2
Exactly WHAT does "socialism" have to do with the VA Hospital problem??? The VA is corrupt in the middle, with mid-level management ordering deliberate falsification of wait-times and other records SO THAT THESE 'EXECUTIVES' COULD QUALIFY FOR A SALARY BONUS. Sounds like pure dog-eat-dog capitalism!

Also what-in-the-world does socialism have to do with Benghazi, which was again a mid-level executive screwup at State Department?

Matthew Unger 2
Just a little correction here-- Benghazi. The "Stand Down" order can ONLY come from the Commander in Chief. ONLY. NO ONE ELSE. So, either he gave it, or someone else (illegally) did. That is NOT Mid-Level. It is BY LAW ONLY AT THE TOP.

Back to Aviation stuff now...
Kevin Sparks 0
You tried turning this into a race issue? The way this administration tries to force their "we know what's best-deal with it" attitude down our throats, I don't think it would matter if he were purple, green, or polka dot, you'd get the same reaction! Now, I'm going to call you an idiot, and if you don't like it "sue me!".
John Kliewer -2
Nothing President Obama has done or ever will do will pale in comparison to the global train wreck caused by your hero W. Nothing!
Robert Benjamin 3
Since you haven't the necessary adult brain function to grasp the idocy of your statement I'll let it go as I've neither the time nor inclination to demonstrate to you how utterly stupid your comment really is.
Jimmy Robinson 0

[This poster has been suspended.]

Easy on the doggie!!!
Roger McHugh 7
Since the US education system obviously failed you, I feel obligated to provide a complimentary US Civics lesson. The US President makes $400K, pays taxes, and receives a monthly bill from the white house for food and incidentals (e.g., laundry, toiletries, and other services provided).
james pomerville 1
The US education system is nothing to brag about ..
BaronG58 5
Please furnish a picture of your wife/ we can comment. Not Obama fan but this is wrong.
Kurt Anderson -1
Only thing wrong with your post is, dogs are smart, they listen to us and do what we want them to.
silverio califano -3
Our tax dollars are hard at work! I wonder if Michelle is eating only what she preaches!
Alfred Mierzejewski -3
Steve Dietrich -1
The NYT misses the central point between school lunches and AF-1 lunch.


HowSwedeitis 1
-pack a lunch-
Steve Dietrich -2
The taxpayers provide a 747 a spare helps and a fleet of limos to get him around mostly for fundraising and golf. The FBI IRS doj dhs and dod keep track of and discourage his opponents.
Nicholas Camera -7
Too bad the "Community Organizer" didn't choke on it.
HowSwedeitis 1
Real nice...

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