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Russian space rocket breaks apart after launch

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A Russian space rocket launch went sour Friday, destroying the booster and its payload, Russian state media said. Nine minutes after the Proton-M rocket lifted off in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, on Friday, officials on the ground lost contact with the it, ITAR-Tass reported, citing an official from Russia's Federal Space Agency. The rocket had veered off path, causing an emergency system to cut off propulsion. The rocket, which was carrying a communications satellite into orbit, was about 100… ( עוד...

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Chris Hellgren 3
I feel SpaceX needs to accelerate its crew capsule testing to take over ISS crew transportation. They have done extremely well transporting cargo. NASA needs to act on this ASAP.
Really don't care about having to watch a 30 second commercial before the each video!

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Kawaiipoint2 16
Ignorant comment. Keep it to yourself.
alan75035 -1
Maybe it'll be the Russians thst have to use a trampoline to place their satellites into space..
James Driskell -1
maybe it ran out of borscht!
Paul Allen -2
And they send our astronauts into space...???
WithnailANDi -2

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