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Spirit Hopes to Win Over Fliers With Brand Overhaul

Spirit is betting that the more fliers know, the more they'll be satisfied with their experience on Spirit. That's led Spirit to roll out a "relaunch" of its brand, part of an effort to educate customers about what they'll get — and what they won't — when they book a ticket on the carrier. ( More...

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Tony Smith 3
The great thing is, if you don't like their business model, don't fly them. I don't, and I would be hard pressed to find a situation where I would. But some people do. Contrast that with other places where the government monopolizes your choices and you're forced to fly their product as there is no other choice.
geneg738 1
Flew them once this winter...out of necessity...which is the ONLY reason to fly them. Discount no frills airline? When you add up all the charges they're the same price (or more)as most of the other brands...but with an attitude.
preacher1 1
Maybe they can make infrequent flyers feel good, thinking they are saving a little money.
preacher1 2
I personally don't think you can make people feel good about fixing to be treated bad
Paul Glick 2
Business traveler's will never fly an unreliable cheapo airline like this. And wouldn't vacationer's who fly once or twice a year want a better experience than Sprint and I guess now they will know how bad it is going to be. Ahhhh, I have it. An airline for screaming unruly kids.
Pileits 1
Typical American business model that lines the pockets of the company executives while cheating customers by slight of hand and flim flam out of as much as the company can get away with.
canuck44 1
Pure fluff. For some reason they think telling people how they are getting hosed will make them feel better about it.

This is not about alllowing them to move up to challenge USAirways as the second worst airline in the USA.
matt jensen 4
Start with a new CEO
Tim Duggan 3
Blatant spin. Spirit Airlines...I once bought a trip out of necessity to a destination of my choice...but I avoided the problems of their abysmal Coach/Economy service by purchasing in Business. Still, wasn't very impressed (this, back in 2005).

No, this PR move by them doesn't impress me, at all.


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