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Las Vegas Tower cancels take off clearance for Delta

I had just landed on my Southwest flight from KBOI to KLAS and as we rolled out I saw a Delta 738 deplaneing on the taxiway. The 737 was stuck on taxiway Bravo and the passengers were bussed back to the terminal. ( More...

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preacher1 2
I really think that a go round for the private ac would have been a lot more appropriate than shutting down a loaded 737 at high speed,
Ryan Clauson 1
Exactly I wonder what the thought process or reasoning was in that decision.
Ryan Clauson 1
linbb 1
The rag that reported it has more of its comments from uninformed readers. The tower screwed the pooch on that one for sure. Guess they figured that it was more in line to have the heavy stop from high speed rather than issue a go around. Have had the tower issue more than one to me over the years with no big problem. Much easier in a Cessna than a Boeing.


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