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Most creative ways to recycle a plane

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As their aircraft near the end of their service lives, aircraft owners must find ways for dealing with retirees. Futuristic rivets, elegant curves, gleaming surfaces and the ability to withstand extremes ... it's easy to see why furniture designers would be intrigued by the potential of decommissioned airplanes. ( עוד...

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Jared Maurtua 3
Very interesting!! I like the corporate furniture!
Gary Roberts 1
That was my favorite 'recycle' as well!
Jeff Lawson 1
The "MotoArts" company that is described in that article actually had a reality TV show on Discovery Channel a few years ago called "Wing Nuts" where they showed how they made some of those great pieces of furniture.
Fred Christensen 3
N381AA which was the last production passenger DC7 ever produced in 1956, flew more than 32,856.40 hours both as a passenger and cargo aircraft, will now be converted into a family atmosphere restaurant. Purchased by the Perna family in 2012; Chef Anthony Perna will provide traditional classic dinners at a reasonable price. The goal of the DC7 Grille is to reserve the airliner into history and provide New Smyrna Beach with a fun family atmosphere with good quality food. To insure a quality dining experience, seating will be limited to 40 people at onetime, not including the bar area, where beer and wine will provided.
david mccutchen 2
Too bad your not airborne as the chef serves you a five star meal, say touring the coast or Rockies as you feast!
Marc Lloyd 2
Now tell me how do you get your hands on one of these?
Arnold Aasen 1
"Moto Arts" has a web site that has a wide selection of the converted parts. There are also some very nice 'accessories' to go with some of the pieces.
James Carlin 1
I went to a home show and there was a guy selling furniture made from recycled parts. It was expensive, as the scrap value of aircraft alloys are somewhat high. The jet engine coffee table was my favorite, but the high titanium content also made it just a bit out of my price range :)
Jonathan Brandt 1
If you want a cheap aircraft part for a display, accent piece, etc. Check with a prop shop and see if they have any unservicable aluminum props. They can be had for cheap, or free, and will polish up to a mirror finish.
Patricia Farrar 1
Loved these photos! Let's see more way to recycle a plane. Thanks.
william hunt 1
great pictures showing just what can be achieved some very enterprising people. good luck to all the projects shown.
Jason Feldman 1
Now I want one!! I would love a 747 mansion - see, I don't want much and starting small:)

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