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World's cutest planes head to the U.S.

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(Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife!) Just when you thought the multibillion-dollar marketing phenomenon that is Hello Kitty might have colonized every corner of the merchandizing universe in Asia and possibly reached its natural limits, we learn that planes branded with the cartoon cat are to fly to the West. ( עוד...

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ToddBaldwin3 4
I have trouble sitting through a Smurf moviei with my daughter. Can you imagine 12 hours of Hello Kitty?
Wayne Fox 1
sparkie624 2
Agreed... NO with EMPHASIS... I feel sorry for the sheet metal mechanics that have to repaint after a dent or other repair..
Brad Littlejohn 3
I know a number of girls who would love to have a trip on those planes. to the point where they'd try to buy it.. they are that obsessed with Sanrio/Hello Kitty.

Now.. with that said, I know quite a few moms who would be just as ecstatic if they pained a plane in the livery of Tokidoki. That would be a sight to see!
sparkie624 2
This is just too much....
Harry Marks 1
No way I'd take this airline. Flying is a serious business, not a cartoon.
Michael Wendt 1
I went to work at the Guam airport one morning last year. I noticed what seemed to be 200 5-year-old gIrls running around and wondered what was going on. As I walked past gate 12 I noticed the Eve Air Hello Kitty A300 and it all made sense.
Mike Harbour 1
Hah! When I read that headline, I thought it was about BD-5s!
James Carlin 1
Is the Hello Kitty vodka complementary for those who want to not notice all the motif stuff going on?
Ant Miraa 1
Harry Marks 1
Prediction: this will fail. I feel sorry for the poor flight crews.
Wayne Fox 1
I spent 4 days at Disney World not long after they opened. We camped on the campus and I was so glad to get out there and back to the real world. Everywhere we looked we saw their World with Mickey Mouse Ears logo. Even when we went to get ice cubes that damn logo was on the bag. That plane reminded me of that horrible time. It would be kind of cute though if all of their female flight attendants were named Kitty, so when you entered the plane you would say "Hello Kitty!"
gene kwiecinski 1
That last slide *did* look like a can of catfood on a plate, ya gotta admit. :D

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