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Texas Governor Signs Law To Allow Launch Pad Construction On Texas Coast

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A bill passed by the Texas Legislature to allow for the construction of a launch facility on the Texas coast has been signed into law by Governor Rick Perry . The bill is part of an effort on the part of the state to lure SpaceX to Texas for its launch operations. ( עוד...

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suz 2
We could launch ol' Rick himself ...
Toby Sharp 2
Heck Ya! Makes for good hamburger runs to watch the launches!
josh homer 1
That's great! Maybe now he can concentrate on education. He wastes so much money teaching English to illegals (with a 53% drop out rate) while other students are left behind.
Toby Sharp 1
You aren't from Texas are ya Josh?
bentwing60 4
I am, and Perry is a twit.
josh homer 3
Yep! Born, raised, and still live in Texas. Have 2 kids in school. Their education is suffering because of Perry.
Toby Sharp 1
I guess I'll read up on him then.
bentwing60 1
You just did!

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