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Caught on video as jet crashes and explodes in huge fireball at Madrid airshow (Photos)

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At an airshow at the Cuatro Vientos airfield in Madrid, Spain on Sunday at least 3,000 people watched in horror when according to the New York Daily News, a vintage plane was seen plunging to the ground and then exploding into a huge fireball as it crashed into a hangar. The pilot Ladislao Tejedor Romero, 35, was taken to a hospital in Madrid after sustaining serious burns where he later died. He was an experienced jet pilot who was an assistant to Defense Minister Pedro Morenes. Eighteen… ( עוד...

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Michael Fuquay 3
He died in the hospital, not in the crash???
Ben Lillie 1
I know, I thought that was pretty unbelievable that he even survived for a little.
ynot ssor 1
Extended CPR technique is sometimes administered in hopeless cases so that death may be legally pronounced later in a different locale, rather than that where it actually occurred.
Joseph Vazzo 2
May his soul be in Heaven now.
Joe Vincent 2
Looks like he got his "nose buried" at low speed and didn't have sufficient altitude to pull out. Very sad. May he rest in peace.
Charles Collins 0
Seems like there are many more crashes at airshows when compared to regularly scheduled fights/missions.
Bob Ziehm -4
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Stunt plane crash kills pilot

A stunt plane crashes at an air show in Madrid, Spain, killing the pilot.
Casey Strickland -4
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Video: Plane Crashes At Madrid Air Show In Spain

An historic jet plane has crashed into a hangar and exploded in a fireball at an airshow near Madrid, killing the plane's pilot.
A spokesman for Spain's Defence Ministry says the experienced jet pilot, Ladislao Tejedor Romero, 35, died of his injuries in the serious burns unit of Getafe hospital.

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