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F-16s Are Even More Awesome from the Inside

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Goose only wishes he had moves like these. This stunning dash cam footage from an F-16 attached to the 51st Wing captured some intense aerial action at the recent Red Flag-Alaska exercises—including mid-air refuelings, targeted bomb strikes, low-altitude flybys, and even a cameo appearance by a B-2 stealth bomber. ( עוד...

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Viperdoc 7
Fourship. 500ft, 500kts. I miss it every day. Thanks to all the USAF team members who make this happen and make us the best flying force on the planet!
josh homer 5
For those of you interested, here is the full length IMAX film Operation Red Flag for free!
Arthur Grueneberger 4
Makes you want to be a fighter pilot!
Andre Lenart 5
Cool, but I want the sound of a fighter jet, not Top 40 pop music.
mrvair 1
chalet 5
Why is it that excellent videos like these are ruined with silly music. Let the natural sounds as they occur and also why they don't record air-to-air and air-to-ground conversations, far more interesting.
99NY 2
Too soon man, Goose couldnt avoid the canopy.
Jason Rhew 2
Eielson Air Force Base Fairbanks AK, I know that airport!!
The mountains are the Alaska Range just south of the Tanana valley.
I use to pick up the Blair Lakes range controllers from PAEI and fly them to the bombing range!
Attan Akmar 2
Well choreographed, insightful and just amazing.
blueashflyer 2
that video rox
oowmmr 2
That was a different production. Very good.
GeekforChrist 1
Great footage! Too bad the producer ruined it by making it jump and slow down and all.
Also I agree with those who feel that jet noise is way better than whatever music that was.
David Upton 1
Fabulous !!!
Ken Maurer 1
Great footage - green with envy
Paul Marcil 1
Awesome - Weapon to be feared - love it!- PAUL
alejandro torres 1
Excelent movie, thank's for sharing it It was good to see the inside of the F-16
Ali Torres
Robert Black 1
I concur that the F-16 over Alaska video is a lot better than the F-22 over Nevada
Robert Powell 1
How does one get access to F-16 dash cam footage? How long is it kept before being erased?

Keith Lowe 1
Thank you, great video, (music was fine too). Flew 2nd seat in f-4s many times, amazing how quick and nimble the f-16 is.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Just to clarify, Goose was in the back seat. I think Gizmodo meant to say "Maverick only wishes he had moves like these." ;)
Phil Knox 1
And we need F-35s because....?
chalet 2
Lockheed needs Uncle Sam's money, billions as a matter of fact.
Joe Cochran 1
Nice clip.....makes me homesick for Fairbanks!
jagerardi 1
Except for the stupid jump cuts - which make this look like it was cut by an 11 year-old Jr. High kid - and the ridiculous music, it was almost an amazing video. As it was, I was expecting to see cuts between kick-ass pilots and kids on skateboards.

Rocky Villarreal 0
Cool video. Thanks
iflyifr 0
Go away spammer. Low life!
Mark Lansdell 0
Ruined by the music. What's wrong with engine and air noise, radio chatter too. Just leave the music home.
dave hayes 0
i am with mark-chalet-andre-and jageradi--toooooo much MTV type
crap in this

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