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Cosmic Rays may have caused Qantas A330 in-flight upset.

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau still does not know why flight QF72 from Singapore to Perth suddenly dropped 300 feet while cruising over Western Australia on October 8. Investigators raised the possibility a neutron hit by cosmic radiation may have been responsible for the computer fault at the centre of the incident. ( עוד...

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Karl Lehenbauer 0
Ah the dreaded neutron hit by cosmic radiation. Many times I might have liked to have blamed computer problems on one, yet so far it has always turned out to be a bug in the software.
crk112 0
Airbus cockpits are certainly no stranger to computer glitches... most of which were surprisingly NOT caused by neutrons interacting with cosmic radiation.
Bruce Boaze 0
That's too bad for Airbus. A software bug could be fixed, a cosmic radiation strike can happen anywhere anytime.
Frank Stratton 0
Aaargh not one of those, terrible thing. I had one of those hits in bed yesterday and fell 2 feet to the floor, still recovering.

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