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Delta Flight Evacuated on Boston Taxiway Due to Brake Fire

Delta Flight 2101 BOS-ATL suffered a brake fire before departure and evacuated their passengers on a taxi in Boston. ( More...

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preacher1 2
Well, I won't really take sides with either one of youse guys but here is my 2cts worth: By and large, little things that happen like this brake fire, engine outs, or anything along that line will seem routine to us folks that are aviation oriented and are no big deal. Planes are supposed to take off and land perfectly and on time. Anything that happens outside of that bubble is a major event to the non flying public. Media outlets rely on ratings or for print media, sales. Drama makes ratings and sales and that is what reporters get paid for, to dramatize an event. It's just like the Alaska that had to land at PDX. FO landed it and all OK but the tag line was in there that it was towed because the Captain was the only one that could drive it to the terminal. The tiller for the nose may be on the Captain's side but it is not inaccessible, but that was just a little tag line to spice up an otherwise no happening story.
Jesus Rivera 1
We at KBOS seem to be in the news a lot lately...
emperorjimbo 1
i hadn't realized until this story that GREEN lights were used by airport security vehicles (and others-- see wikipedia). Learn something new every day.
Pileits -4
Sadly almost everything FauxNews reports is over blown, spectacularized or over emphized in one way or another.
If any news item can be stretched to the limits of becoming ridiculous, Fauxnews will do it.

Worldwide any news reporting done by any one of Rupert Murdocks many news reporting organizations is usually so distorted it reaches the level of absurdity. His newspaper in London, "News Of the World" comes to mind. A newspaper that is now out of business over due to his news reporters tapping into people's cell phones spying on private conversations and text messages of high level public figures.
linbb 4
One can tell which way you lean, they do nothing more or less than anyother news outlet. Its just that you dont like the way they lean so get over it and post something worthwhile. Get over it and move on.
Brian Bishop 2
Preacher is correct in his analysis (as usual) and I'm also in agreement with Boyd here, try contributing something of substance other than your bashing of a particular news organization. We're growing weary of it. Maybe you could get your own show on MSNBC..
Dylan Neidorff 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Delta MD-90 Brakes Lock // How the media makes small situations...huge!

Locking brakes, to include a small fire, and an orderly evacuation via air stairs. Boston media outlets go crazy!


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