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US Air-AMR merger near?

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US Air AMR merger could happen in next two weeks,AMR board to meet 1/28-1/29 ( עוד...

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MimosaDrive 3
In airline mergers it seems that the sum has always been less than the parts. Bad for the employees and flying public, great for the lawyers doing the merger paperwork and the CEOs.
chalet 2
Bigger or biggest does not necessarily mean better service, better profitability. I have my doubts about this merger.
saso792 2
I hope for the sake of the employees at American and American Eagle, this does not happen. Just look at the documented mess US Airways has made of their last merger. They still have a division line between the US Air pilots and the West pilots and they have, per their quick take on Airline Pilot Central, a "pilot manning surplus" and are offering "monthly leaves of absence". US Air needs American Airlines more than American Airlines needs them. American needs to tell Doug Parker to "pack sand". Just my opinion and I know opinions are like something else, everyone has one.
John Atherton 1
I think they should all go to the Southwest Airlines school of management...
MimosaDrive 2
That's only if you think the Southwest - AirTran merger is a good thing. Personally I think AirTran, their employees and passengers would be better off on their own.
Chris Donawho 1
That psuedo-flag thing on the new livery is telling. Makes you think they are leaning toward the merger and the paint job is set to go. Merger is great for anyone living in the DFW area. Not so great for Pittsburgh.
Alex Cruz 0
I think they should merge...
justin martin -1
I would love to see this merger happen. Everyone thinks they shouldn't merge but it would be a great thing for them to merge.

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