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Boeing's CEO Jim McNerney's Statement on FAA's Groundings

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Boeing's CEO Jim McNerney's statement on the FAA's grounding of all Boeing 787 aircraft. ( עוד...

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steve rogers 2
im not suprised at the turn of events,when you you have two companys like boeing and airbus fighting over who's gona come out with the greatest ,the longest ,the fastest bla bla bla , how about the best built how ever long it takes ,car companys can afford to have burps , your on the ground ,not airplanes !! measure twice cut once rush rush rush lets get that thing in the air.
conmanflyer 1
nobody can afford to have burps... such as toyota a few years ago and their accelerator problems... at least nobody has died on a dreamliner.
dud1 1
You are correct when you say "Not yet", they are the key words. How many Toyota’s were there on the road; How many hours of driving did Toyota's have on the road; How many miles were drive before something occurred.

The truth is you cannot in actual fact compare motor vehicles and aircraft due to the environment they operate in. But using your analogy, the Deamliner has essentially no time in service and their only a hand full of aircraft in actual commercial service compared to the thousands of Toyotas; nevertheless Dreamliner [Nightmare Liner] is failing on delivery, as well as during testing.

Consequently, using your analogy, statistically the Dreamliner risk of causing a catastrophic accident with the capability to kill hundreds of people in one instance is far greater.

We really need to put patriotism aside and look at the real facts and figures.
bentwing60 1
What did you think he was gonna say, buy an Airbus?
chalet 1
Full refund guaranteed, no questions asked, but he didn´t (LOL!!!)
skylloyd 1
Boeing doesn't give refunds, concessions maybe...
chalet 1
When the nacelles of the P&W engines of my very own private 747 started to stretch in and out back in 1971 and the shape remained out of concentricity I told them off, sent her back to Seattle and demanded full refund, which they complied with in a heartbeat. With that money I purchased a nice 1947 Ercoupe whose nacelle or cowling actually never game me any problems (LOL!!!)
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
When ever and where ever , professionalism , as taught in the professional schools is given a go by , for what ever reason , problems arise . Be it about A380 / B787 or Greek economy or Euro crisis ! Or even war in Mali or now dormant volcano called Sudan n South Sudan . Remember , subject of Operation Research ( branch of Statistics/Mathematics ) emerged and evolved through war !
David Kay 1
Do we yet know if the suspect panel is the P100, from the Nov 9, 2010 fire?
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
One of the observations regarding B787 suggests that the circuits 'burnt' due to over voltage . In every system , especially engineering and management , the designers are expected to create feed back mechanisms to cause corrections during operations . Simplest example is of speed governors in mechanical world or temperature control circuits in electronics . Today , in the time of nano technology , some "experts" are still working considering 18th or 19th century assumptions regarding unknown variables BUT applying 21st century safety factors . And hence all these blunders . Today we are better equipped and better informed about the hither to unknown variables , a situation not available to our fore fathers of 18th or 19th or even 20th centuries. I wish and pray that all professionals of all fields may take lessons from these two technical disasters , like A380 or B787 , and improve their way of working and more so of thinking , in tune with 21st century . Or else , our successive generations will laugh at us for all our naivete and follies . And we may go down in history of mankind as the most rash and negligent race of all times .

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