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Bad joke prompts Alaska airport evacuation

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The manager at Alaska's main airport says he expects charges to be filed after a bad joke led to the evacuation of a terminal. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport manager John Parrott says the incident happened a little after 12 a.m. local time Sunday, and the terminal was cleared as authorities searched through baggage. ( עוד...

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dmanuel 5
Again, the point I was attempting to make was the response needs to be a measured one. Currently it is a one size fits all. Did the passengers needed to be subjected to rescreen in frigid temperatures? If it had been a real threat ( in-spite of the comment they could joke their way through the terminal - really?) did they search every nook, cranny, plant & trashbin in the evacuated terminal? Surely a real threat would not leave any device behind ( which obviously made it through initial screening) to be retrieved after a second screen. The irrational fear and supposed remedy will continue to expand to the point inertia will preclude any joy in travel. Think Horses not Zebras.
dmanuel 5
I agree the guy showed bad judgment, but was he alone? Would someone who is a serious threat make such an announcement before reaching the aircraft? Does the term 'piling-on' come to mind? Is there a possibility many people will have their yearly fitness report say 'stopped terrorist threat'? While it is good to error on the side of caution, at what point does common sense kick in?
Jeremy Kudlick 2
And what happens if it isn't a joke? This sort of thing didn't start on 9/11, but it has received quite a bit more press since then.
Mayo Sifford 1
The guy is an idiot but that does not justify closing an airport because he asked a question.
Carlos Santos 1
You missed his point. Security agencies need to know the enemy. True terrorists don't announce what they are going to do. You just see the flash and that's the last thing you see.
dg1941 -1
But that would be stereotyping the enemy, which means next time a terrorist group wants to strike, if they did that, would just make bomb jokes all the way to the gate.
Craig Pulliam 4
Jihadists are notoriously poor at jokes. Their comedy routines, as everyone knows, suck. Probably the only people with less of a sense of humor, common sense or real brain waves, belong to TSA.
sparkie624 3
TSA don't like Jokes... Especially those that contain the "B" Word.
Bunnie Meyer 3
This moron should be put on the permanent DO NOT FLY list and posters of the incident hung in every airport explaining that bad jokes can lead to you NEVER flying again.
Now that's a workable plan.
He will probably be on a list alright. Lol
Tim Bray 1
I don't know about the the list, but his picture(Very Large) should be printed and posted with <<Warning! Don't be an ASS about Security!>>!With a list of the penalties. You get more than enough time in line, and a bunch of posters all around with this guys and others pics, might prevent any other idiots from being dumb. And stupid. And vocal.
In these days, anybody foolish enough to make jokes about any sort of weapons of any sort in an airport has nobody to blame but himself for what happens.

Of course, TSA is going to take immediate and serious notice of such "joking", and given their past history, why would anybody be surprised at their actions in this case? They are well known for (a)little or no real action, or (b)total and complete overreaction.
Pileits 2
TSA does not allow common sense. TSA agents are just robots.
dg1941 2
From a security standpoint, no matter how sarcastic the comment, it still should be taken seriously. From a passenger standpoint, just don't make the comment.
megavoyager 2
agree. how stupid do you have to be ??
Craig Pulliam 3
To belong to TSA? Frankly, they haven't found the limit yet.
mike ronan 1
You don't even say "lip balm" at an airport these days.

The security people don't seem to know that a REAL bomber will not joke or make any reference to his intent.

The TSD are bored to death and just can't wait for a reason to evacuate or do anything to make their jobs appear meaningful. Ok, we need security in the industry, but we need competent security people using effective security measures not the window-dressing and theatre of airport security.

This event simply would not have happened in Israel. A bad joke would have been treated as a bad joke.... not an evacuation.
When the authorities finally make it clear to the traveling public that 'bomb in the bag' jokes are NOT acceptable at any time, and that there will be charges filed against anyone who causes a general disruption of that kind, then there will be fewer incidents. Make no mistake, I like a good joke. This was not a good joke.
Oh, and by the way: The "I forgot that the .357 Magnum was in my bag" story should also have more severe consequences.
Tim Howard 1
Why don't people dummy up and shut up. This is serious stuff and everyone takes it that way. I agree that a true terrorist would not announce a bomb. Who in here is willing to take that chance. He will do some time for this joke.
Ronald Horton 1
Worse than closing the airport, the Anchorage Police Department or ANC Airport Police have jurisdiction over the terminal in case of a bomb threat, not the TSA, and their only plan in a city that is below freezing almost half the year is to evacuate all passengers and staff to the unprotected outdoors. My wife and I were through TSA screening when the lockdown was called, and thank goodness we had at least kept our coats when we checked our baggage. Some travelers headed for Phoenix were in shorts, t-shirts and flip-f;ops as we were herded outdoors in freezing temperatures with a 10 to 15 knot wind for over an hour. The evacuation was haphazard, foolish, and dangerous. If this had happened only a month later we'd have been treating frostbite, exposure and severe hypothermia. As it is, we have both been sick all week. Thanks, APD!
Tyler Tashji 0
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Hockey Referee Caused Alaskan Airport Shutdown

When he isn't getting arrested for making inappropriate jokes about bombs in an airport, Peter Friesema is a referee for the Western Collegiate Hockey Association and the Central Hockey League.

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