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Sullenberger will return to the cockpit

The airline captain who glided his US Airways jet safely into New York's Hudson River will return to the cockpit soon, the airline said on Monday. Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger will pilot regular flights as well as joining the airline's flight operations safety management team. The airline said it was still working out the details of his return to flight duties. ( More...

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gkamilar 0
2800 feet in 3.5 minutes....that's an 800 fpm glide for a jumbo jet! Sort of emphasizes the importance of setting best glide speed when faced with loss of power in any aircraft
dbaker 0
I didn't realize that he wasn't flying this entire time!
sloroc89 0
Thats awesome Godspeed Sully
Tom Stelmak 0
Sully you demonstrated to all pilots how it can happen if you keep your s*** together, soft landings.


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