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Space Shuttle Booster Cam - Riding the Boosters, Up And Down In 400 Sec. - (Video - 8:31)

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Mesmerizing, eerie. brutal. 8 min. 31 sec. of fun. The SRBs are jettisoned from the shuttle system at 2 minutes and an altitude of about 146,000 feet (44.5 km). After continuing to rise to about 220,000 feet (67.1 km), the SRBs begin to fall back to earth and once back in the atmosphere are slowed by a parachute system to prevent damage on ocean impact. ( עוד...

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scott mazur 2
thank you just saw it pretty cool
Cameron Mackenzie 1
Links to a different video, totally non-aviation related.
scott mazur 1
couldn't find that all i saw was cows getting buldozed down!!
Tom Kearney 1
Proper link below
Tom Kearney 2
Sorry for the cow-tastrophy.
Neil Slater 1
I wuz gonna grump at you for that bum steer, but I see you got the link right in the end. That is indeed an amazing video! Going through the sound barrier is particularly amazing. Hadn't seen that before...

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