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United flight 232 Pilot Dennis Fitch Dies

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Dennis Fitch, the pilot that helped saved 184 passengers on United Airlines flight 232 has died from a brain tumor on May 6, 2012 ( עוד...

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Dennis Fitch 12
Yes, it is not a typo, I am Captain Fitch's son, Denny Jr. The outpouring of support, prayers, condolences and inspiration is awe inspiring. My Dad polished my flying skills, but more importantly taught me everything else in life. Flying is one thing. Living is another. To paraphrase Dad's philosophy, "live in today, tomorrow is not guaranteed". Your love and support for the family is as humbling as the realization of how many lives this quiet, unassuming, unsung hero has touched. God Bless you all.
Peter Steitz 4
Denny Jr, as an instructor with another airline, I used this terrible event to emphasize CRM--a United airlines acronym for Crew Resource Management. Your Dad was the consummate example of this. Al Haynes was also a great Captain who actually introduced himself in the middle of this emergency and gladly had your father use the throttles to "fly" that DC-10. God Bless them all and especially your Father.
Jason Stiffey 2
You dad is a true american hero and hopefully a grateful nation will recognize that. Celebrate that as much as you can. United 262 inspired me to "fly it till it stops" in everything I do in life. If your going down do so fighting...who knows you might just win.
sparkie624 1
Your Dad was truly an aviation hero and inspiration to many. Our Prayers go to the support of your family. I am sure that a man of his quality is in a much better place than we are today.
Dave Kaplan 8
I am one of the rescue workers at Sioux City who found and dug the cockpit crew out of the wreckage. Besides being a EMT, Rescue Specialist and USAR instructor (responses include 10 days at WTC 9/11/11 and 21 days at Katrina) I am an ATP flying a Citation Encore and TBM850.

I live around heros all day long but this flight crew (Haynes, Records, Dvorak and Fitch) are my aviation heros.
sparkie624 3
Thank you for helping those who need it at the worst possible times.
Chris Bryant 6
RIP Dennis Fitch. The best heroes leave us all too soon.
klimchuk 1
He will be missed indeed 8-(...
Tom Trainor 3
Denny Fitch, Al Haynes, William Records and Dudley Dvorak and the other crew members were and are the true High and Mighty in real life. May God rest Capt. Fitch in peace.
Dubslow 4
Ugh. Stupid dumb-downed writing. "...disabling the hydraulic system, used for essential flight controls such as landings and takeoffs." Since when are landings and takeoffs flight controls?

Also, is it bad I immediately recognized the name Dennis Fitch? Boy am I a geek xD
Joseph Burlas 2
You and me both, sir.
david kuhn 1
Bill: I hope you read the article again. It stated that all the hydraulic lines used for flight control were severed. They literally had no control of pitch,yaw,and worst of all roll. The ONLY control they had was by varying engine speed (thrust) of the #1/#3 engines.
JJ Johnson 2
God speed American hero-Godspeed
Joseph Burlas 2
I saw this when I got in this morning and teared up. I'm going to squawk an interview with him in a couple of minutes, which turns out to be one of the best interviews I've ever seen in terms of aviation. He was a great man.
jmilleratp 1
I personally didn't know that he was from my hometown area of St. Louis. It is good that he was able to help people and make a real difference in his world. He will be missed.
Catherine Bridget Howat 1
Fly with the angels, Denny
Ron Hamilton 1
jim garrity 1
Sorry to hear of your loss Denny Jr. I remember that accident well,and still hard watching pax getting out alive! That was a VERY modified CRM "OJT" that worked,thanks to your Dad and the other flt. crew. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family.
Jack Ciesinski 1
God Bless him and his wife.
RIP Denny!
Charles Collins 1
Sorry to see him go. He will be missed.
Julian Medina 1
Just saw an interview with him in Mayday a few weeks ago. RIP Dennis Fitch.
John Roberts 1
One of the last of the "Old Breed"....RIP Denny...
sparkie624 1
he was a great pilot and HERO. A real lose to the aviation industry.
jenna1561 1
A True Hero! RIP...
Jim Watters 1
Sounds like a lovely man. And a hero.
Peter Steitz 1
"To fly West my friend, is a flight we must all
take for a final check". R.I.P. Denny.
John Casebeer 1
Your father was a true hero and an example of how aviators should be. May he rest in peace.
Poloko Nyambe 1
RIP. Fly with the angels
pepe64 1
My deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to his family.
What an idol he was. I watched the documentary about UAL232
so many times and it's overwhelming over and over. R.I.P.

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