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FAA scolds passenger for iPad on plane

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FAA scolds NY Times best selling author for not turning off his iPad, after he took video of birds striking a plane. Is this a little over the top? what do you guys think? ( עוד...

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Neutral, FAA regulations state the devices such as I-Pad are suppose to be turned off, until the aircraft reaches at least 10000', and notifies the cabin crew.
Tom Weber 2
I think it makes sense - the risk isn't that the device causes interference (although that's what most people cite), the risk is that the person using an electronic device will not hear an important announcement from the crew in an emergency.

The reason some carriers (e.g. Air Canada) say that you can only use earbud-type earphones plugged into the on-board entertainment system during takeoff and landing is because you'll be able to hear instructions in the event of an emergency.

I would imagine that if a passenger were injured or killed in an emergency because they were distracted and didn't hear instructions, there would be no question about whether this were over the top...
Falconus 1
He wants them to clarify what the deal is; I have a strange hunch that they just might.
Tom Weber 2
Here's the clarification:
Alex Belov 1
You are absolutely correct. The "author" is ignorant of passengers safety and is only concerned with his own satisfaction. This is the same reason seats are put forward during TO/Landing - its for the safety of the passenger behind you to get out of the seat in an emergency!
Jim Scarbough -1
pilots can use ipad, i can too.

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