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HPN ATC's Caught On Video Sleeping and Texting

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A source, that Fox 5 News is not identifying, says, "I'm upset and extremely concerned with things taking place at Westchester tower." Risking a career or worse, the Westchester controller that is Fox 5's informant, documented many instances where fellow controllers had their eyes anywhere but on air traffic. We're talking about sleeping, reading, texting. ( עוד...

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Toby Sharp 3
Snitches get stitches
Roland Dent 1 hell with everybody except ME.

Dubslow 2
Seems like the "informant" is just looking for attention. Nothing has happened.
Dubslow 2
And besides, there can't be more than a few dozen controllers who work there, probably less, saying that the informant is one of the workers is as good as giving the name anyways.
s2v8377 2
This is NOT good!!!

However the media is not the solution to labor issues like this.
Are you people for real??? The whistleblower did the right thing!!!
justindpilot 1
There is a saying I refer to in this case. Solve the problem at the lowest level.
Stephen Brown 1
What a slime. This is what the media has become.
Stephen Brown 1
This is today's news!!
Roland Dent 1
Immediate dismissal.
Jonathan Cain 1
blake1023 0
Its okay the Union will save their jobs.... Alot of loafing going on.
justindpilot 0
I wonder if the whistle blower will be disciplined as well for also using a cellphone in the cab.

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