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Tour the Singapore Airlines A380

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Casting away most comforts afforded a modern traveler, Gadling Labs typically ventures out as cost-effective as possible; be it on a boat, the back of a pickup truck or the occasional Mongolian yak. But when Singapore Airlines announced they were bringing the A380 to the United States, we couldn't resist. ( עוד...

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billykid05 4
Very cool plane, nice "all access" video. Dude in video is a real tool.
KC Hoover 4
WOW! That first class was just amazing.
Dawn Fuller 2
That plane is a dream!
Wingscrubber 2
Would love to fly on this, even in economy. First class would be heaven...
Hooooooooo BOY!
Can't believe that Singapore Air allowed that video to be released ~ the 'presenter' is no comedian and to my mind, demeaned the makers of the A380 and all who crew it with his fatuous remarks and attempts to be humorous ~ not impressed!
Shane McGuire 1
Bob Ziehm 1
Just don't ride it until the wing crack issue is mitigate.
JetMech24 5
The wings aren't cracking, small parts of the wings are cracking, HUGE difference. If you are worried about these, then you shouldn't ride on B767's either.
Roland Dent 1
Did they tell you how many "john closets" they have...I would want to know.
Tony Long 1
Very impressive...I wonder how much extra weight all the paneling and dividers creates that woud not normally be there in a "standard" non-partitioned First Class.
Michael Nadal 1
Pat Reed 1
To all those who bashed the guy, can only say, jealous!!! He got to experience a little luxury, and had fun. Wish it was me.
billykid05 2
Your either a friend, relative or the Tool himself. As much as I would like to see the plane again I just can't bear to replay this video... even with the sound off. Just read G. Tidswell comments below. This person is more vocal than I am...with some good issues in hand.
susie kuppen 0
Was that Singapore Airlines' robe that he was wearing? Hope not. Otherwise, lovely plane! and of course, will travel only after Airbus resolves the wing issue! Cheers!
jim garrity 0
That was a very impressive tour of the 380,BUT I have no plans to fly in it until they get those issues taken care of! Still bugs me that Airbus "refused" to do the wing loading stress testing?(I think the reason is showing itself now)?
JetMech24 1
The part that is cracking would not have made a difference in that test anyways. But what bugs ME is that EASA didn't MAKE them do the test.
Roland Dent 1
RIGHT ON....well said Sir!
jmilleratp -5
What a supreme douche this guy in the video is! Did TSA know he was out there?
Scott Hawthorn 1
jmilleratp -5
What a supreme douche this guy in the video is! Did TSA know he was out there?

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