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Swedish combat jets grounded by high pressure

About a dozen Gripen fighter jets were barred from taking part in a Nordic air exercise Tuesday because of an abnormally strong high pressure system. ( More...

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70002 2
First, pump up the high pressure with the Doctor No Weather Machine. Then attack while the jets are grounded, swooping in and leaving with all the beautiful Swedish blonde girls that wait for the daring pilots to take them away. Hahah
Matthew Eckert 1
there are usually flight restrictions when the pressure is about 31 in of Hg.

MimosaDrive 1
I wish there were more details. This sounds bizarre.
Pileits 1
Think Density Altitude and flight instruments that sense it!
ToddBaldwin3 1
So, the time to attack Sweden is during high pressure systems?
The rapid product cycles of consumer electronics has in some sense made software/firmware better in your iphone than in a modern fighter or airliner. The article was nil on details, but I imagine something on the order of
(page refresh resulted in inadvertent post) a revision to advise the pilot of extreme atmospheric pressure measured and to confirm the proper altimeter setting. That is assuming the systems all even support operation at the pressure
(okay this whole "post on automatic page refresh" thing is annoying as heck!)


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