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Tires on Delta flight deflate on landing

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Maintenance teams are examining a Delta Airlines plane after two of its tires deflated upon landing in Salt Lake City. ( עוד...

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preacher1 0
This is all real interesting. 2 comments here from folks at the Airport and their version don't sound anything like what was in the article. I have seen some minor ignorance before with the media, but there is a whole lot of difference in "momentarily stopping on the runway" and 4 hours, AND tires blowing on impact and the UHP having to close I80 to pick up tire debris?????????????????? Something going on here that ain't been told. Hard brakes can cause a bead melt on the tires just like the NASCAR cars on a short track. If a pilot lands long, or if part of a runway gets shut off ahead of him(due to construction or whatever) or if he just tries and grab an earlier turnout, they can heat up.
Wingscrubber 0
Anybody get pics? An exploding tyre spreading rubber debris accross the runway is very different to fuseable plugs letting them deflate.
And was it the left mains or the nosewheels? Exploding tyre would suggest a hard landing or over-worn tyre? Or both?
Randy Reynard 0
Brakes on the NOSE GEAR of an A320??? I don't think so.
jerry rembold 0
Actually, most jets do have brakes for the front tires. They are rub blocks, mounted in the wheel well, that rub on the wear surface of the tire to stop the wheel spin. This eliminates the vibration caused by the slight unbalance of the spinning wheel. they do not however help stop the aircraft on the ground.
Gene spanos 0
Great feedback here from those flat landers
and jet jockeys --alike.

Anyway you look at it ---they went flat !

Why ?
richard weiss 0
As usual, our highly skilled press corp has all the facts. They precisely edit a narative that explains the details in a manner that the general public is able to grasp the story. It's brought to press after the editors have fact checked the work of junior reporters. The public is given a series of facts the fully explains the situation. ....Then I woke up to the reality that reporter have absolutely no knowledge of aviation, and don't bother to consult one expert on the subject they report upon. Is there any wonder the public has lost trust in the news media.
Ev Butler 0
I dearly hate it when they don't tell us what type crate it is that has problems. A320, 757, guessing game?
mark tufts 0
sometimes the brakes do overheat and it sounded like a hard landing. i have seen hard landings at kdsm and watched a tire blow and i have also seen brakes overheat and cause tires to do the same
Ev Butler 0
Probably the 350 degree fuse plugs melted.
linbb 0
Thats new to me didnt know that airplanes had brakes on the front wheels and they didnt deflate the blew out wich would sound better.
flyingcookmosnter 0

A little better picture but Im still confused and I saw it happen.

@Wayne - It wasn't a terribly long landing. From my perspective (just south of A concourse) it seemed she was stopped by H8 or roughly 6000' from 34R threshold.
preacher1 0
This article explains part of the confusion above. It says that after about 10 minutes 34 parralell was open, not both of them.
flyingcookmosnter 0
Obviously incorrect to say hot brakes caused the nose tires to blow. More likely that the pilots put the nose gear down hard after touchdown causing the blowout. The Salt Lake Tribune article is even more short and spurious.

Great job by the SLC approach and tower controllers. No diverted flights for having a main runway down for 4 hours. Imagine if this had happened at LAX or ATL. Can you say ground stop?
preacher1 0
Am I missing something here? Where are you seeing a runway down for 4 hours? All I saw was that it stopped on the runway momentarily
flyingcookmosnter 0
I work at the airport and watched this whole cluster mess 7PM to almost 11PM; have you heard of benefit of the doubt?
Gene Nowak 0
I agree with you Wayne. Just too many non-professionals having to get their "BLOG TIME".
flyingcookmosnter 0
Im a pilot who happens to work at the airport. I watched the whole thing. I have merit to respond and you do not.
zayin 0
I know first hand it may not have caused delays but it made other flights late 20 minutes and there was enough cushion time wise but delays and misplaced people aren't super common. I do find it amusing though as Utah highway patrol had to close part of I-80 to take care of tire pieces and a four hour FOD run side by side, definitely an interesting event :). I personally can also confirm is was an A320
zayin 0
My apologies, a few typos in there and then some (late), and I meant to say that delays and misplaced people are common. Also, other flights didn't land for quite a while with the 20 minutes.
Scott Wallace 0
'Laughlin calls the incident “uneventful,” and says no injuries were reported when two of the plane’s left tires deflated.'
'David Korzep, superintendent of airport operations, says hot brakes caused the front tires to blow after the plane had landed.'

After reading this, I initially thought that it was a 757 and they meant that the front 2 tires on the left gear trucks deflated. However, yesterday, flightaware is showing DL 1883 arriving at 6:59pm as an A320.
al fredericks 0
i've een tires actually turn glossy and smokey after the brakes have been applied too hard,due to the severe fiction with the runway. they did not blow but looked as if they were going to melt but didn't.

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