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Pilot ejects before stunt plane crash (Greenleaf, ID)

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GREENLEAF, Idaho (AP) — Canyon County officials say a pilot was able to parachute to safety as his stunt plane crashed into a field west of Boise. A deputy tells KTVB-TV ( ) that the pilot of the Skybolt plane was doing aerobatic maneuvers at about 1 p.m. Monday when the plane had some type of "structural failure" and crashed near Greenleaf. The pilot nearly hit a house on his way to the ground. His name has not been released. The plane had taken off from the… ( עוד...

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Pecolaguy 0
Ejects???? ............
linbb 0
Oh yes didnt you know all private single engine aircraft have ejection seats? They would weigh more than some aircraft do. Get real its only another news item from some dummy that thinks 9-11 was really done by the government.LOL
alistairm 0
Look at the Martin Baker MK.15B escape system. This is specifically designed for lightweight aircraft. So yes, you can have an ejection seat in your private aircraft.
Lee Burk 0
@Alistair Morrison; the system you are referring to is not remotely for any type of lightweight, general aviation aircraft. Especially a Skybolt, which as I hope you know, is a lightweight aerobatic biplane with fabric covering. I agree with Boyd Butler. This is written by someone who doesn't have the faintest knowledge of anything aviation related. The typical term for what this pilot did would be something more like "bailing out" or "bailed out" or something along those lines.
alistairm 0
@leeBurk: I did not say that it was fit for a Skybolt - i do know what type of plane it is. The MK.15B is designed to fit such aircraft as the Pilatus PC7 or any aircraft of equal airframe integrity. Martin Baker themselves markets it as "...compact escape system for lightweight aircraft with limited space within the cockpit." I am not an airframe engineer, but i would imagine you could put this system into an airframe of a private aircraft that is similiar to the PC7. How did i know i would get such a response? <<<rhetorical question.

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