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Air India May Back Out Of 787 Dreamliner Deal, Can't Afford It

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Air India, the national carrier of India, may have to back out of its deal with airplane manufacturer Boeing over the purchase of 27 of the newest planes, the 787 Dreamliner. ( עוד...

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Michael Fuquay 0
Airlines complain about the delays...then when it's time to deliver, they say they can't afford it??? If I were Boeing, I would charge them a "restocking" fee.

What I want to know is why Boeing allows so much time to go without payment. In the construction industry, a general contractor usually gets paid monthly, for the previous months work in helping recover actual costs. I don't see why Boeing couldn't have done the same thing.
conmanflyer 0
ONE WORD.... HAH! its kinda funny they have to back out...
Richard Judy 0
Why does India need airplanes anyway...don't all of them ride Donkeys?
Daniel Baker 0
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Danish Nelson 0
Somethings in this world just don't go as planned
Matt Comerford 0
"Why does India need airplanes anyway...don't all of them ride Donkeys?"

Chip Hermes 0
@Matt -- indeed....FA needs a "down vote" for him.
alistairm 0
@Richard: what an intelligent comment! <insert sarcasm where you please.
Troy Raiteri 0
As Jeff Foxworthy said "We just can't have nice things!"
Pileits 0
I'm sure there is a penalty clause in the contract not only FOR either party but against either party should either fail to perform.
Someone will get extra bucks, not to worry.
Pravin Desai 0
There was a very strong adverse comment made in Indian Parliament about this extravagant order. So no wonder the order may be cancelled. Further in view of scams and kickbacks reports from India in various other deals I have a feeling Air India has thought it wise to withdraw the order.
Skip Blake 0
There is money due when the contracts are signed, money due as progress payments but the big hit comes when they take delivery. They'll probably cut a deal with a leasing company - it'll get done. This could also be a negotiating tool - airline vs. government.
Keevan Joseph 0
The donkey comments are stupid I wish some people would stop being so arrogant and see that americar is broke and comments like that dose not help at all,just goes to show how some people are still thinking.
Bhavik shah 0
@Keevan, may they need to go to India and ride a donkey. They need to ride one for them to know what and who is DONKEY and what it can do.....

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