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4 People Injured when Small Plane Lands on Highway 29 in Napa County

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Three people were injured when a small plane crashed into the back of their car near Napa County Airport Sunday afternoon, according to the California Highway Patrol. The Beechcraft A36 Bonanza lost engine power and crash landed on state Highway 29 near Airport Boulevard where it rear-ended a 2007 Infiniti around 12:35 p.m., CHP and Federal Aviation Administration officials said. The driver of the Infiniti and the two passengers suffered minor injuries and were taken to Queen of the Valley… ( עוד...

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preacher1 0
Since he rear ended the infiniti, reckon the CHP gave the pilot a ticket for following to close?
Avi8tor2 0
..."Objects in mirror are closer than they appear"...
Gene Nowak 0
Wayne - He also knocked down the traffic signal. Does that constitute destruction to City/County property? Then again, I hope it wan't red when stuck. This would give him a second citation for running the stop light.
n111ma 0
This whole incident never would've occurred if the Infinity had one of those emergency vehicle decals that says "Keep back 200 feet."
preacher1 0
Let's hope that pilot don't read this smart aleck comment
n111ma 0
I doubt it...he's probably too busy filling out FAA forms and insurance claims!
preacher1 0
boomer313 0
I'll ask again....Why don't we all install horns on our airplanes? .....honk honk, I'm coming in for a landing....
Alejandro Lopez 0
LOL at Patrick, would the horns be like the semi's?
Mr Aflac 0
As they say, more crashes involve cars than airplanes.......
This story proves that driving is more dangerous than flying. Also, this story begs for pictures... So here they are!


I have a hard time putting links on here...
Marcus Pradel 0
is this a good time to start the gear up-down argument?
Robert Van Dyke 0
You all forgot one more infraction / citation that the CHP would need to serve

Driving / having an improperly registered vehicle on the toad
oh and unsafe lane change LOL
Glad we can laugh about this one and no one was killed
eddyandy 0
Back to basics--enough fuel in the tank.
dmanuel 0
There is an old aviation adage: If you’re going to crash, do so as slow as possible and do so into the least expensive obstacle. Perhaps, given that option, in NAPA County, the 2007 Infiniti may have been his only option. Just kidding!
Pecolaguy 0
We had that happen near KPNS one year. A Malibu pilot did the same thing on our Hwy 98, but no one was hurt. He had engine trouble as well. He landed in the median, then slid onto the road and hit the back of a jeep.
steven meyer 0
Steven L Meyer · Tucson, Arizona
Well alot of factors could be involved in an engine out. Fuel starvation is one, but engine breakdown can be internal parts related, lubrication related, prop failure- without more info it is impossible to find the pilot at blame. The PLUS is that he set down an airplane on a busy highway and only had minor injuries from rear-ending a car- that is pretty good in my book.

S. Meyer
Commercial pilot
Julius Thompson 0
Don't forget water contamination in the fuel.

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