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Pilot's Defense Team: Not Reckless to Receive Oral Sex while Piloting Helicopter

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Several pilots have just testified in the case. One said he would not fly with Martz while he was getting oral sex but would have felt safe with Martz under every other circumstance. Another pilot, Tim Sears, who has flown with Martz since 2001, testified he would have no problem flying with Martz during oral sex, provided there were dual controls. ( עוד...

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Jawad Sultan 0
This is freakin' Awesome!!
paul paul 0
Who is giving the oral sex?
plt340 0
If it can happen in the White House why not here
cclarke 0
I'm disappointed in Flight Aware for even posting this garbage. It is immature and not what I expected from a professional site.
keithnicholson 0
this should not be a violation it should be a promotion
Joel Rodriguez 0
Give him his license back!
cos3asg 0
This is crap. Any pro out there knows this guy should be derated and grounded. Period.

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