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Airlines collected $3.4 bln in bag fees in 2010

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NEW YORK (AP) — The government says that airlines collected $3.4 billion in baggage fees last year, up 24 percent from 2009. The fees are typically $50 roundtrip for a first checked bag. Reservation . . . ( עוד...

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Daniel Baker 0
It'd be interesting to see per-passenger averages.
Aaron Whaley 0
Yet another reason to not fly unless there is no choice. Also FWIW they AREN'T spending the money on labor, just to fatten the wallets of the upper management.
Should cover the exec bonus pool. The are so deserving.
Joshua Reinertsen 0
Yes allen, yess they all are....
Chip Hermes 0
Are you guys communists or just never taken an economics class? Or balanced a checkbook? Would you prefer the airlines lose money and/or be taken over by the government?

Just a little "welcome to reality tip" -- companies being profitable (and paying bonuses) is actually good for everyone. Even if you don't understand it.
j brown 0
It is basic economics of course. It would be nice (in a perfect world) if expenses were less instead of rates and fees increasing. Exec bonuses, high salaries, etc, are on the expense side in which the airlines do have control. High fuel prices, airport fees, etc, they have no control over. I am in business for myself to make money and there are costs I can control and those I cannot. Not saying the execs don't deserve a bonus, I like mine, but the publicity from them is what ticks off the consumer. And the customer is always, always right.
Daniel Baker 0
The price of jet fuel is the real problem here, the executive compensation has nothing to do with it. The United CEO (Smisek) has deferred his <$1M salary until the company is reliably turning a profit, but that amount is not even a drop in the bucket compared to fuel costs (billions).
markaz 0
I actually heard some gal at work state that she can't believe how the airlines have been able to keep ticket prices in check. Doohhh.

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