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TSA Pays Woman $2K For Exposing Breasts

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JUNE 1--The U.S. government paid a paltry $2350 to settle a lawsuit brought by a Texas woman who sued the Transportation Security Administration after her breasts were exposed during a vigorous frisking at a Texas airport, records show. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Justice released a copy of the settlement agreement reached earlier this year with Lynsie Murley, the 24-year-old Amarillo woman who sued the TSA for negligence and intentional infliction of… ( עוד...

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mgor24 0
wheres the video ??
Joshua Reinertsen 0
If it could happen to me, I would have sued to become, how do they say it..."Oprah Rich!". I still want to know where the checks and balance system went, or was that replaced by the Patriot Act?
markaz 0
So she gets cab fare and nothing changes.
wdhearrell 0
$2350??? Maybe that's all they were worth?
Donny Malinoff 0
$2,300 for the attorney... and here is... $50 for you, Ms. Murley
Lloyd Boyette 0
If a woman from where ever it was can sue McDonalds for over a Million for hot coffee in her lap how is it that she only got 2350? I would have made it public and gotten a lot more.

However, Good for you for suing them.
mark tufts 0
$2,350.00 is all that should have been more
Matt Walsh 0
I wonder if her settlement was something like this []
Joshua Reinertsen 0
$2300, that's it?
Michael Fuquay 0
Got to love the government. IDIOTS!
Toby Sharp 0
Good for you Lynsie Murley!

p.s. Your parents spelled your name wrong

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