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Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker (SODA81)

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David Seider
Air Force s/n 64-14832 (MSN 18772) originally a KC-135A-BN, and converted to KC-135R
per Joe Baugher's website
Grant BushPhoto Uploader
That’s cool, but I’m pretty sure that the code starts with 58 or 57 not 64.
This T is a 64 model, all tail numbers with 5 digits on the -135s are 64 models. All of of the 64 models start with 14, instead of just a 4. I worked on Rs and Ts at McConnell for 13 years ('91-'04), and we had a number of 64 models there at the time.
I agree with heyeng, it is a FY 1964 model.
Nice pic, though.
Awsome love the 134th I also spot at ktys hope to get a picture of one one day
Joe Wood
T models were A/C that were specially built to refuel the SR-71. Their offload tanks had a cap in place of the valve that tied the rest of the A/C fuel system to the off load tanks. The SR had a special fuel which was a gel base and was not compatible with JP-4. The R models could fill the A/C feed tanks from the offload tanks. The R model upgrade included the new engines.
David Aaron
This KC-135 (64-14832) is an "R", it never was a "T".
Grant BushPhoto Uploader
@tTYSspotter74 go out on tuesday and thursday evenings and they will start doing touch and goes, or sometimes in the morning they do it.
marylou anderson
overhead a lot here--PGH, Pa
Home to the 171st Refueling Wing of the PA Air Guard
See this baby is From TN
roland pfeifer
Here comes the fuel truck , to pick up another load.
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מעוניין בחיפוש היסטורי מלא של SODA81 מאז שנת 1998? קנה עכשיו. קבל תוך שעה.
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