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Airbus A380-800 (D-ABYS)

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Brian Wilkes
Dave Sheehy
Brian, you got the faux photographer to respond.
Maybe he is going to offer an explanation as to why he is posting other photographers images here. I am hoping that indy boy will man up and explain why its OK in his world to steal a photographers work from a website, repost it and not give credit to the original photog. You see, indy boy, the people who post here actually have cameras and go seek out the places where we can catch an airplane and share it with other aviation photographers, both amateurs like myself and experts. We earn our shots. Brian Wilkes earns his shots. Why don't you earn yours or find another site to post on.
Thanks, Brian Wilkes for the effort.
Brian Wilkes
Dave no response from Indy boy or FA! I'm starting to think that the guy is a fraud! His gone from a student pilot to a commercial pilot with in months which raised eyebrows and cos' he covers 2 airports for FA they are reluctant to do anything about it. It's not right. I'm pissed due to, a few years ago one person got an image off the net of mine and started to print T-Shirts out of the image. Took legal auction but it cost me more trying to find and stop the guy who turned out to be a 16 year old kid! It's against the law period and should be stopped but, so many grey areas with stolen pics off the net. One thing we have running for us is the photographer putting a watermark on said photo. If this watermark (COPYRIGHT) is removed by said person like indy man it then becomes a serious CRIME I'm told.
Scot Wattawa
Brian, He does eliminate the watermark from the images. He is actually pretty good at using the spot healing brush and lasso tool. Look at the following image


You can see where he removed the copywrite symbol as well as the parking stripes are mismatched by bringing the asphalt over using the also tool.
Viv Pike
Brian - I see the account has been suspended !!
Gary Schenauer
Brian & Scot -- Sincere kudos to both of you for your unrelenting efforts to slam the door on this thief. A tip of my cap and a salute to both of you.
Brian - As a sidenote of info - You are not the only victim of photo theft. Over the past 18 months, I have found photos on other sites that were originally snapped by FA contributors and posted here. There are many, but to name a few FA members whose pics have been swiped and reposted elsewhere: John Marotta (KBOS), Scot Wattawa (KPHX), Uwe Zinke (Germany), Mark Thomas (Toronto), Mike Prendergast (Aust), Tim Crippin (Medford), Daniel Jef (Antilles), Colin M. (Boise), Leland Schmidt (PAE), you, and there are others. I even found a couple of mine. In fact, one of mine was submitted as an entry in a local photo contest by an airline employee as HIS photo. I saw it, and since my name was on it - in two places (blended in to portions of the background), I instructed the contest sponsor to expand the photo to 250% size, look in 2 specific places on the photo, and then have the person who submitted it explain how my name came to be in the midst of the photo twice. The entry was disqualified. My point is that when we submit pics to a public forum, there are bound to be thefts. For me, FA is the only public gallery I post to. I do post to two other sites; both private and inaccessible to the general public. When I post to FA, I do so with the full expectation that the photos I am posting might be swiped. Actually, it is a (sort of) compliment. I can assure you that, in all my many years of viewing aviation pics on numerous sites, I've never come across even one stolen from the folder of - well, you know which contributor I am referring to. No one would have any desire to steal any of that person's photos and want to take credit for it. lol So once again, Congrats on putting "Indiresha" OOB. (Wave)
Scot Wattawa
Gary, I have seen the rash too. I now ghost my watermark into my pictures. They are hard to see if you do not know where you are looking, but they are there. The sad fact is that I have seen people's work on flickr and then it turns up on FA under a different person. I hope that this becomes a lesson for people that downright steal the work of others. Also, people need to realize that after a while we all develop our own style and when you see a really good picture from Germany that a person with four photo's just posted, I look into Uwe's portfolio and see if it is his.
Gary Schenauer
Scot ... Hi. I absolutely MUST relay this incident (from about 6 months ago) to you. I was poking thru another website, and suddenly I came across a photographer with 6 pics in his "folder." The first three - posted one month before the last three - looked like pure sh-t; tilted horizon, off-center a/c, fuzzy, etc. But then the next 3 (his newer posts) were superb! Stunning shots! One had a control tower in the background. According to the "photographer," he had snapped it at San Antonio. Except the tower looked identical to the tower at PHX. Then, his second post had been "taken" at Phoenix, except it sure looked a lot like Toronto. He claimed he had also taken the third one at Phoenix ... but it had a very distinct KBOS look to it. Yep, you guessed it. The "San Antonio" pic was one of yours, the first "PHX" pic was a Mark Thomas photo, and the next one was a Chris Ianno (KBOS) shot. I reported them all, but even as I was doing that, he posted another great shot - supposedly taken at Phoenix, that turned out to be one of RWB2112's pics (San Antonio). A day later, his entire folder was gone. But I'm certain he was scratching his head wondering, "How'd they know?" lol
Dave Sheehy
Fauxtographer...it kinda has a ring to it :)

Well done to all! Thanks!
Scot Wattawa
Gary, That is funny and I have seen the same thing also. I guess some people think that one tower at an airport is a copy of all towers at an airport. Kudos to all of this one.
indireshaPhoto Uploader
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