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Boeing 757-200 (N6703D) - Delta's N6703D has the mains on the 16L concrete and is going dirty as the nose gear is about to touch down in this pic taken shortly before high noon (at 11:40 AM) as the DAL Seven Five completes a morning trip from Atlanta.
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Boeing 757-200 (N6703D)

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Delta's N6703D has the mains on the 16L concrete and is going dirty as the nose gear is about to touch down in this pic taken shortly before high noon (at 11:40 AM) as the DAL Seven Five completes a morning trip from Atlanta.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
My appreciative "Thanks" to rwb down in San Antone for the superb closeup photos he shares. It was his excellent closeup snaps that motivated me to try to click a photo similar to his. TYVVM, my friend.
Greg Byington
Very, very cool!
ken kemper

I feel like I am on the runway.

Great shot Gary !!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg & Ken ... Thanx, guys. Ken ... You almost ARE on the runway. Taxiway Juliet intersects 16L and I was standing on Juliet (which was temporarily closed so I could be there on foot) at the 16L hold line.
Gavin Hughes
rwb certainly has some in your face shots alright and this of yours is right up there too. We don't get much opportunity here in ADL to do similar unless the wind gives us ops off Rw 05. Well lo and behold the wind finally turned but then the clouds turned up too. Had a brief period of sun last Sunday but of course, not when the heavies were moving. Oh well ya takes what ya can gets.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin >>> No wurries. Your pics are totally outstanding. I'll admit we are fortunate (we have over 2 dozen super spotting locations) because having so many position options allows us to be selective about the sun / wind / etc. But as you said, "... ya takes what ya can gets ..." and all of us here think you get primo A#1 results. @rwb >>>> That mountain in the distance is not Rattlesnake. There is a mountain just off the pic's left side named Peavine but it is very distant from RNO. On the other hand, Rattlesnake Mountain is located only a few thousand feet beyond the end of the runway this DAL is landing on, runway 16L-34R. It rises up directly next to the approach for 34R, and it is high enough at the top that we are actually looking down on aircraft that are approaching 34R or 34L. (I just posted a pic of an Allegiant that I took from the top of the Snake.) The path up Rattlesnake is very steep in places. There is a rock-strewn dirt track barely wide enough for a vehicle but it is blocked by two gates so it is an on-foot climb. The major obstacles to going up there are: 1) steep up and down, 2) either ice or deep snow in winter, 3) loose tumbling rocks and sliding shale year round, 4) no shelter at the top, and 5) baby rattlers in the spring and plenty of rattlers in the summer and fall. The path is only vehicle-width wide with a sheer drop on one side and a straight up cliff on the other side ... and the dam_ snakes can easily strike across the width of the path. I blundered into two of them a couple years ago. One began rattling so I stopped and began backing up ... and another began rattling behind me. I finally stood still and tossed rocks until one moved a few feet and I scooted past. Now I avoid going there after early April (baby snakes are out and about) until July and then from late August til late October. (Grin) Let me know if you are ever headed out here, and we will plan a hike up there. Takes about 25 minutes of huffin' and puffin'.
Gavin Hughes
Again Gary, thanks for the compliments. Been off line for a few days, busy but then worse, internet connection snafu. Busy I can handle, internet not so. Will be uploading a few tries from last Sunday in due course, again taking a leaf out your and rwb's book.
serge LOTH
Excellent picture GAry!! 5*
Dwight Hartje
Loving the 752 being back at RNO! 5* capture, Gary!
Peter Singh
Nice one Gary,beautiful shot of a beautiful aircraft..My favourite.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dwight ... TY. This is the largest paxbird we get. Hope enough seats get filled that we can keep it.
Serge and Peter ... I appreciate your comments. Sincere Thanks.
Robert Cowling
Looks like it's parked in ATL. A sign of the times. I've cancelled all my air travel, and it's adding to the feelings of cabin fever. I've actually flown on this actual plane a few times. Some great memories. Excellent shot. Thanks for posting...
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