FlightXML Pricing

How FlightXML pricing works

FlightXML is priced on a volume-basis with a per-transaction fee. "Basic" tier accounts also feature no monthly access fee and no minimum commitment. There are different classes of transactions based on the complexity of the request. The more queries that a user account makes per month, the less the per-query fee is. You are invoiced monthly based on actual usage.

Three different license types are available based on how you will be utilizing the data:

FlightXML Basic License

With a FlightXML Basic license, you can create personal or B2C (consumer) applications. Other commercial uses are not allowed.

FlightXML Business License

With a FlightXML Business license, you’re able to create internal use applications within your business. An Enterprise license also includes an up-time SLA and technical support.


In addition to paying per query, a FlightXML Business license includes a monthly access fee based on the number of end users that you are providing with access to the data.

# of Enterprise Users
Monthly Access Fee
Up to 10

FlightXML Commercialization License

A FlightXML Commercialization license allows you to build B2B (business) applications. This license also includes an up-time SLA and technical support.

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FlightXML Data Classes and Pricing

Available FlightXML query methods are organized by pricing classes based on how complex or costly it is for FlightAware to deliver the result. The RegisterAlertEndpoint and SetMaximumResultSize methods are available for free. To learn more about pricing, view terms to know.

Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 4Free
  1. AirlineFlightSchedules
  2. AirlineInsight
  3. MapFlight
  4. MapFlightEx
  5. SearchBirdseyeInFlight
  6. SearchBirdseyePositions
  1. AirlineFlightInfo
  2. AllAirports
  3. Arrived
  4. CountAirportOperations
  5. DecodeFlightRoute
  6. DecodeRoute
  7. Departed
  8. Enroute
  9. FleetArrived
  10. FlightInfo
  11. GetHistoricalTrack
  12. GetLastTrack
  13. InFlightInfo
  14. InboundFlightInfo
  15. PushAlert
  16. RoutesBetweenAirports
  17. RoutesBetweenAirportsEx
  18. Scheduled
  19. Search
  20. SearchCount
  1. AircraftType
  2. AirportInfo
  3. AllAirlines
  4. BlockIdentCheck
  5. CountAllEnrouteAirlineOperations
  6. DeleteAlert
  7. FleetScheduled
  8. FlightInfoEx
  9. GetAlerts
  10. Metar
  11. NTaf
  12. SetAlert
  13. Taf
  14. TailOwner
  1. AirlineInfo
  2. GetFlightID
  3. LatLongsToDistance
  4. LatLongsToHeading
  5. MetarEx
  6. ZipcodeInfo
  1. RegisterAlertEndpoint
  2. SetMaximumResultSize

FlightXML Pricing Tiers

Total queries per monthClass 1Class 2Class 3Class 4
1 - 9,999$0.0120$0.0079$0.0020$0.0008
10,000 - 24,999$0.0070$0.0046$0.0012$0.0005
25,000 - 49,999$0.0060$0.0040$0.0010$0.0004
50,000 - 99,999$0.0050$0.0033$0.0008$0.0003
100,000 - 249,999$0.0040$0.0026$0.0007$0.0003
250,000 - 999,999$0.0030$0.0020$0.0005$0.0002
1,000,000 - 4,999,999$0.0020$0.0013$0.0003$0.0001
More than 5,000,000? Contact FlightAware

Terms to Know

Pricing Class

The pricing class of a FlightXML method is determined by how complex or costly it is for FlightAware to deliver the result. All FlightXML users are allowed to use methods from all classes without any restrictions, since these pricing classes are only used to determine the cost that will be billed for that individual request, and not to limit access. For example, requesting a list of aircraft en route to LAX ("Enroute") would be a more expensive class query than requesting the name and location of an airport ("AirportInfo"). Requesting the heading of an aircraft based on two positions ("LatLongsToHeading") would be an even less expensive class query.

Query Count

The query count is determined by the number of times a FlightXML method is invoked by your application at its default number of results; each invocation will count as a single query. Many FlightXML methods return lists and limit the number of results to 15 records by default, but also have a "howMany" argument that allow you to request a larger number of results. If you specify a value for "howMany" that is greater than 15 (and have already invoked "SetMaximumResultSize" to opt-in to a larger maximum limit), then you may be returned up to the quantity specified by howMany, if possible. You will be billed for a query count equivalent to the actual number of results returned divided by 15, rounded up. For example, if you call SetMaximumResultSize with a max_size of 100, then call FlightInfo with howMany of 45, but it only returns 35 records, you will be charged the equivalent of calling FlightInfo a total of 3 times, or 1+int(35/15).

Pricing Tier

The pricing tier is determined by the total query count that your account accumulates during the monthly billing period. The cost per query for all pricing classes is reduced as your account qualifies for a higher pricing tier by making a greater numbers of queries in that month. It is not necessary to choose which pricing tier you want, since it is automatically determined each month based on the actual number of queries your account has made.

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