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CEO Tom Horton discusses leading American into merger

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American Airlines is about to fly out of bankruptcy, but Tom Horton won’t be at the controls. On Thursday morning, American and US Airways will announce details of their merger, and the CEO of the new company will be US Airways’ Doug Parker, Horton’s one-time colleague at American. ( עוד...

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Marcus Pradel 2
i'm sure a Golden Parachute awaits him..
pdixonj 1
In the form of the $20 million in cash/stock he'll get after he leaves the company a year from now.
Elizabeth Robillard 1
pdixonj 2
about $10 million
houseofgold 0
Lets see.... is he the Canadian Donut guy?
aggieflyer 1
Read it as Tim Horton also and was hoping that AA was going to start having their products on flights!
Elizabeth Robillard 1
*******************SCAM PHISHING SCUMBAG*********
anthony delmonaco 1
That's what I thought at first but that is Tim Horton. And their customer service is top notch.
pfp217 1
mmm Tim Hortons and hockey, my favorites!

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