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Transportation Secretary LaHood to leave office

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LaHood imposed heavy fines for airlines that leave passengers stuck for hours on planes on airport tarmacs. ( עוד...

Sang Le
חוג הסילוןהבחירה השבועיתמכור לחדשותמעמיקנציגרציניחבר נאמןתואר כבודהבחירה היומיתחוקרמבקרמעריץאיש חברהבעל-דעהצלם חובבמקדםאלטרואיסטימוארעדכניאוטוביוגרף

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Gene spanos 2
Good bye...........
Toby Sharp 2
Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
matt jensen 2

btweston -1
So, for the three previous commenters... is hating on government officials just an immature knee-jerk thing or do you bother to think about things before you anonymously fire off unsubstantiated nasty comments?
matt jensen 1
Of all DOT heads Roy has been the worst - hence the comments.

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