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(Video) Cabin video of extreme turbulence on American 280 near Japan

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"RAW FOOTAGE // American Airlines Flight AA280 diverted to Tokyo after being hit by winter storm, several hurt." (www.youtube.com) עוד...

FlightAware Wins 2nd Place in SESAR (Single European Sky) Research Contest

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A second-place award was handed out to FlightAware, a US-based company, for providing a live feed of Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) flight position data on some 100,000 aircraft per day. This service was used by several other proposals in this SESAR SWIM Master Class. (www.atc-network.com) עוד...

Calif Proposition 65 Lawsuit Regarding Leaded Avgas Settled

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FBOs Required To Post Warnings About Exposure To Lead Near Airports, Pay Small Penalty, Make MoGas and 100VLL available. Under the settlement, the companies must sell the lowest lead fuel that is commercially available in sufficient quantities, warn the public about the danger of lead exposure through signs posted at airports and notices sent to nearby residences, and pay a total of $550,000 in penalties and legal costs. (news.sciencemag.org) עוד...

NYC lawmaker wants to ban drones except for cops with warrants

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On Wednesday Councilman Dan Garodnick introduced a bill to the New York City council seeking to ban all use of drones except those operated by police officers who obtain warrants. A second, parallel bill introduced by councilman Paul Vallone would place more stringent restrictions on drone use but stop short of banning drones for hobbyists and companies altogether. Both bills have been passed to the city's committee on public safety. (arstechnica.com) עוד...

The pilots of Instagram: beautiful views from the cockpit, violating rules of the air

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The pilots of Instagram are internet famous. Their stunning photos of the skies, captured from their unusual perspective inside the cockpit, garner hundreds, sometimes thousands of likes from fans. But taking photos, or using most any electronic device, while piloting a commercial aircraft is prohibited by American and European regulators. Pilots for airlines large and small, flying planes of all sizes, seem to be violating the safety rules, taking photos with their phones as well as GoPro… (qz.com) עוד...