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Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) now displayed on FlightAware Maps

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All FlightAware users can now view United States Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) on FlightAware maps! Simply enable the TFR layer by clicking the "+" in the upper right corner of any map, then check the "TFR" layer. Current and future published TFRs will then be drawn on US maps as red polygons. (flightaware.com) עוד...

Build your own network ADS-B receiver with PiAware from FlightAware for under $100

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You can build and run your own ADS-B ground station to be installed anywhere and receive real-time data directly from airplanes that you can view locally and also integrate with FlightAware. For about USD$100/EUR€80, your ground station can run PiAware to track flights within 100-300 miles (line of sight, range depending on antenna installation) and will automatically feed data to FlightAware. (flightaware.com) עוד...

Propeller breaks 13,000 feet in the air

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Tim Cassell crash landed his plane in a remote area of the Sierra Nevada and then he spent 18 hours in the cold before being rescued. The pilot took off in his signal-engine Piper Cherokee plane. However, 20 minutes away from his destination and 13,000 feet high above the San Joaquin Valley, the plane's propeller broke in half. (www.ktvu.com) עוד...

U.S. proposes plugging fire-suppression hole in Boeing 787

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(Reuters) - The U.S. aviation safety regulator has proposed requiring operators of some Boeing Co (BA.N) 787 Dreamliners to replace parts near the plane's lithium battery in an effort to improve the plane's ability to fight an on-board fire. In a directive issued on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration said it had received reports that some 787-8 planes did not have foam-like plugs properly installed as required to keep a fire-suppression chemical in an electrical compartment in the… (www.reuters.com) עוד...

KLM using Beagle to Return Lost Items To Passengers At Amsterdam Airport [VIDEO]

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Traveling can be a pain. It's easy to forget things or lose personal items, especially after a long flight. Thankfully at Amsterdam airport though, they've created the perfect solution to this problem. (Unfortunately, this dog is only used for this promotional video and does not reflect reality.) (www.youtube.com) עוד...

(Video) Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest With Helicopter

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Christmas Tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon. Pilot Dan Clark flying a Northwest Helicopters, LLC 206B3 Jetranger November of 2008. (www.youtube.com) עוד...