Hotel or Restaurant at KSGS

Country Inn and Suites+1-651-450-1100
Holiday Inn Express+1-651-450-1100
Microtel Inn+1-651-552-0555
Khoury's Restaurant and Bakery+1-651-451-3880
KFC Restaurant+1-651-457-9822
McDonald's Restaurant+1-651-455-9385
Outback Steakhouse+1-651-457-7688
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Maintenance or Aircraft Services at KSGS

Sierra Hotel Aero, Inc (Navion)+1-651-306-1456
Alpha Aviation Inc.+1-952-210-8822
Advanced Aviation Inc.+1-952-412-3395
BRS AEROSPACE, Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc.+1-651-457-7491
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Aircraft Rental or Flight School at KSGS

Fleming Flight Training+1-651-457-2526
Stick-n-Rudder Flight Training+1-612-386-1120
Cadotte Aero, Inc.+1-651-894-4907
Lysdale Flying Service+1-651-451-1858
Lake & Air TrainingPhotos of Lake & Air Training+1-651-552-9227
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Other Airport Business at KSGS

Flying Adventures Magazine+1-612-280-3044
Enterprise Car Eental+1-651-457-7000
Exclusive Aviation+1-651-450-6200
Lake & Air Pilot Shop+1-651-552-9227
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