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Consolidated B-24 Liberator (25-2534)

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Mark Thomas
Nice timing Dave, awesome shot!
Dave Sheehy Photo Uploader
Thank you, Mark.
Little Consolidated built Catalina's for the USN in San Diego, the day after Pearl Harbor the Navy placed an order for 400 Cats. "Sorry, unable, just got an order from the Army for 2000 Liberators."
sam kuminecz
Jthyland. Consolidated was the largest employer in San Diego in the 1940s. They built cats in SD and B-24s in yipsilanti Mi
Sam... that Ypsilanti MI location would be Ford's Willow Run aircraft factory, which produced at its peak, "one B-24 per hour and 650 B-24s per month", according to Wiki.

It would be remiss not to mention Consolidated's facility in Forth Worth TX... in addition to those Liberators made by Consolidated in San Diego CA. Add in those B-24 bombers assembled by Douglas Aircraft in Tulsa OK and North American Aviation in Grand Prairie TX.

We may never see such wartime production of a single aircraft on such a massive scale ever again. It is reported that a total of 19,256 B-24 types were built.
Dave Sheehy Photo Uploader
Gents, there is a movie in the works about the Liberator, link here;
sam kuminecz
Cliff consolidated started in buffalo NY in the 1930s, then moved. The seaplane ramp is still here
Sam... thanks for that information on Consolidated Aircraft's early days!
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מעוניין בחיפוש היסטורי מלא של 25-2534 מאז שנת 1998? קנה עכשיו. קבל תוך שעה.
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