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Dassault MD-312 Flamant (F-AZES)

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Marcel Dassault MD 312 Flamant N° 226 during the Meeting "RIO 2.1" in Ecuvillens (Switzerland)


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Alan Brown
Great photo! Interesting looking aircraft.
Daniel Rytz Photo Uploader
Thank you Alan, this rare french bird was made in 1953 and is painted in the colors of the "Ecole de l’Aviation de Transport de la Base Aérienne 702 d’Avord"
Wayne Brown
Are those turbo props in 1953???
Daniel Rytz Photo Uploader
those are not turbo props, there are Renault SNECMA 12T-06 twelve-cylinder, air-cooled, inverted-V12 aircraft engines. It developed 600 PS (592 hp, 441 kW) at 3,300 rpm
Todd Royer
As stated already this aircraft does not have turboprop engines, but the answer to the question of turboprops in 1953 is yes. the Vickers Viscount was the first passenger aircraft with turbo props with a first flight in 1948 and the production version flying in 1950.
Wayne Brown
Daniel and Todd thanks for the learning curve on the turbo prop question.
What progress made in engines . Really appreciate. WB
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מעוניין בחיפוש היסטורי מלא של F-AZES מאז שנת 1998? קנה עכשיו. קבל תוך שעה.
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