FlightAware מרחיבה את הכיסוי שלה לאירופה, ומציגה שם את כל שירותיה בתשלום, כולל ATC אירופאי, מעקב טרנספונדרים וערוצי העלאת נתונים ללוויינים.

FlightAware Global

FlightAware.com offers online, industry-leading live flight tracking with real-time data, maps, weather radar overlays, email and mobile alerts, monthly activity reports, ground facility directory with current fuel prices, and much more. Users can access it easily from home, work, the airport, or wherever they need flight data or aviation resources. FlightAware.com is so powerful and intuitive that it has become the most popular flight tracking website in the world.

Flight Tracking

Simply enter your tail number or flight identifier and in less than a second, you will be presented with a real-time map, live flight tracking details, and a list of scheduled and past flights for that aircraft or flight number. Data automatically updates so that users can keep an eye on the progress of the flight. Interactive maps let you view the current aircraft position, position track, expected routing, deviations, and various map styles (aviation, earth view, and more).

Additional Features

  • Flight Alerts Automatic flight alerts sent via text message, email, or mobile push alert advise of flight plans, routing changes, delays departures, and arrivals.
  • Share information Share flight alerts for a single flight, a single day, multiple days, or indefinitely so that business associates, passengers, or anyone else can be advised of aircraft whereabouts.
  • Multi-Language FlightAware will automatically detect a user's preferred language, or manually select from over a dozen supported languages including Chinese, Italian, French German, and more.
  • Airport Delays Know about delays before they affect a flight. FlightAware posts worldwide airport delays on potentially affected flight pages and sends a flight alert.
  • Delegate Access Control who has access to your FlightAware Global aircraft 24/7/365 with a self-management interface.
  • API Software developers can integrate FlightAware Global data into custom applications, interfaces, and reporting systems with FlightAware's API.

Global Data Sources

  • ATC Positions FlightAware receives real-time air traffic control data to provide flight tracking service and RADAR data for flights to/from/within the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, 30 countries in Europe as well as overflights of the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • Transponder tracking FlightAware operates a Mode S / ADS-B receiver network throughout the world for independent, real-time aircraft positions.
  • Satellite uplinks For aircraft equipped with satellite datalink equipment serviced by participating providers (ARINC, ARINC Direct, Garmin Connext, Honeywell GDC, Satcom Direct, SITA, Spidertracks, UVdatalink, DeLorme, YB Tracking, Rock Seven, Apex Flight Operations), FlightAware can integrate downlinked data for global tracking.

Mobile Apps

You can access real-time FlightAware Global data and maps even when you're not near a computer. FlightAware's mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, and PlayBook.

In addition to text message and email alerts, FlightAware supports "push notification" alerts to mobile apps for fully integrated flight notifications.

FlightAware also offers a mobile website that is available to any mobile web browser without even installing the FlightAware app.

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