Happy Birthday, FlightAware!

FlightAware turned eleven years old on March 17th, 2016. In the past eleven years, FlightAware has grown from just an idea into a business with over 61 employees, offices in Houston and New York, hundreds of data feeds and flight tracking in over 85 countries. FlightAware is used by over eight million users across the world using FlightAware in over a dozen languages, including over 10,000 commercial customers.

This is cause for celebration and we'd like to show a few images of how things have changed over the years.

You can show your support and spread the word about FlightAware by wearing or displaying FlightAware's merchandise (t-shirts and accessories) or by becoming a fan of FlightAware on Facebook.

You can read more about FlightAware here.

FlightAware in the past

Early 2005
Late 2005

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